Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Toggle (real name Leo DeLuca) - a veteran of the Iraq war. Toggle, a young heavy metal fan, was wounded in an ambush while serving as Ray Hightower's driver, and has returned home with expressive aphasia and a loss of sight in one eye. B.D., his former commanding officer, often checks in to see how he is doing. While recovering from his injuries, Toggle met Alex Doonesbury through B.D. and has become her boyfriend. He has considered attending Walden under the new GI Bill but came away from Zipper's tour unimpressed.

Doonesbury Characters In Starbucks Again With People Open Carrying Guns

Doonesbury decides to revisit the Starbucks open carry topic in another useless strip:

Doonesbury – Source
Yahoos… Morons… loudmouth gun owners?  The tone hasn’t really changed…  Holy his comics are boring.